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Coconut Oil And Almond Oil, Which One Is The Best Option?

Coconut Oil And Almond Oil, Which One Is The Best Option?

Coconut Oil And Almond Oil, Which One Is The Best Option?Looking for way to maintain healthiness for both skin and hair naturally, coconut oil and almond oil have their own reputation, but which one is the best? Not to mention, but before you decide which option that you consider as the best, it is suggested that you know the benefit of each solution for  skin and hair. To begin with, let take a closer look of how coconut oil brings benefit to your hair and skin. For your hair, coconut oil can be used to;

  • As the replacement of protein that is lost
  • Brings shine to your hair
  • Strengthen your follicles and decrease hair breakage
  • Promote hair growth.

Gain the benefit above, you need only to apply coconut oil onto your hair evenly before shower. Repeat the procedure regularly like twice a week or more depending on your needs. Not only good for your hair, coconut oil is known also as skin moisturizer to prevent flaky or chapped skin, assist you to deal with skin infection, and thanks to its anti-aging property, applying coconut oil can hinder your skin from aging. Thus, you may not spot those wrinkles surround your eyes when you have habit to put coconut oil regularly.

To pick which option that is way better between coconut oil and almond oil to handle either hair and skin problem, now, look further to almond oil. Choose sweet almond oil, it contains huge amount of vitamin like vitamin A, E, D, B (B6, B1, and B2) and many others minerals that have capability to keep both your hair and your skin stay in its good condition. Regular application of almond oil for hair will lead to;

  • Boost hair growth, and reduce hair loss
  • Soft and voluptuous hair
  • Hinder split end

Since almond oil has good reputation as high quality lubricant, you can imagine yourself how effective almond oil to keep your skin staying healthy. Not to say, but you can use almond oil to deal with these following skin problems such as acne, chapped lips, cracked mouth, dark circles, wrinkles,a and many others. Now, between coconut oil and almond oil, which option you think better? In fact, both options are best options for hair and skin. You can choose almond oil, if you hate the greasiness experience that you may find from other oil options. However, you can consider coconut oil if you don’t have access for almond oil. More, in certain places, coconut oil is way more affordable.