Sleep Apnea Diagnosis: 2 Test Options Suggested by Physicians

sleep apnea diagnosis

Sleep Apnea Diagnostics – There are various kinds of sleep disorder people can experience in their life. If you snore loudly and make choking noises in your sleep, you might be suffering from what is called as sleep apnea. But, these symptoms are not enough to diagnose such thing. Object evaluation must be done here.

Thus, there is a need to take a test for sleep apnea diagnosis. At the very least, there are 2 tests that will be suggested by sleep physicians to pick one from. Let’s see what each test could be in this chance.
sleep apnea test questions at home

Sleep apnea diagnosis is not enough with what you claim yourself to the physician. Proper test is usually done, either with in-lab or home sleep apnea test.

In-Lab Overnight Sleep Study for Apnea

As the name suggests, this test will have you to stay overnight at the sleep center. You will then have to sleep while having the sensors all hooked up to various parts of your body. There is no need for you to worry. They are the sensors needed to diagnose sleep apnea on you by recording the brain waves, heartbeat, breathing, and movement.

That way, the physicians can get to know the actual behavior of your sleep. This test is usually for complex cases. Not to mention, it is more expensive.

Home Sleep Apnea Test to Do Diagnosis

If you are not comfortable staying overnight at the sleep center, this test could be the best alternative. If your case is complex though, be sure to bear with the first above. This test is just as the name suggests too.

You will do the apnea home sleep test at the comfort of your home. Small monitor will be lent to you to collect the required data as you sleep. It is less complicated, so you can set the equipment yourself. Then, you can take it back to your sleep physician to discuss the result.