Greatest Tips How to Get a Fever Overnight

tips how to get a fever overnight

No one wants to get sick including fever. However, some cases make someone wants to get fever whether it is a real fever or a fake one. Therefore, in this article we will talk about how to get a fever overnight.

You may want to get a fake fever or a real one. We have all the tips you need.

How to Get a Fake Fever

how to make fake fever overnight
If you do not want to go to school, you can try the following tips how to get a fake fever overnight. To convince your parents that you are sick, you should warm the thermometer with your hands. You can also heat it with water. Shaking mercury will also warm it up. You can also heat it up by putting it near a bulb. Then, drink hot water because it can raise your body temperature.

With high temperature tested by thermometer, your parents will believe that you get a fever and they allow you not to go to school. To convince more, you should also stay unfocused when your parents talk to you. If you can, you should try to make your face feel illness. Besides, you also need to make your eyes look tired.

How to Get a Real Fever

how to get fever fast
If you feel healthy and do not experience sickness in long time then you want to feel sick, you can try these tips how to get a real fever overnight. There are some steps to follow. Firstly, you should take a bath with warm water. After that, you must drink hot tea. Then, watch TV overnight and stay awake until morning.

While watching TV, you can drink hot coffee or tea as much as you can. Next, you should put on thick jacket to keep you warm. In the morning, you will feel sick and experience a fever. This way will make you get high temperature and leads you to have a fever.